From left to right:

(back row)

  • Arkillo (Blackest Night), DC Direct
  • 1:4 scale Power Battery & Ring prop replica set
  • Sinestro (1:6 scale), DC Direct

(front row)

  • Sinestro (Blackest Night), DC Direct
  • Sinestro (variant), DCUC wave 3
  • Sinestro (MiniMates), DC Direct wave 8
  • Sinestro (JLU Fan Collection), Mattel
  • Scarecrow (Sinestro Corps), DCUC wave 17

The Blackest Night and other GL-related DC Direct lanterns have the problem of swingy handles that remove too easily and can be tough to balance in a figure’s hand. I’d sooner deal with it than glue them in though.

Sinestro’s DCUC lantern is shamefully off-color, but nothing layer of paint couldn’t fix if you’re particular about that sort of thing.

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